Sunday 19th November 2017

10.30 a.m. Solemn Parish Mass 


DAILY MASS~ Tue 7.30pm~Presentation of Our Lady, Wed 9.30am~S Cecilia, Thu 11.00am, Fri 11.30am Adoration & 12noon Mass~S Andrew Dung-Lac, Sat 10am~S Catherine.

TINY TOTS~ Thursday 10am.

BINGO~ Friday, 1pm.

CHRISTMAS FAIR~ Saturday 2nD Dec from 11am. Donations of bottles, tombola prizes etc needed ASAP. Please see Rita Rimmer for further details.
Posters at the back of church.

CHRISTMAS MEAL AT THE MOUNT~ Bookings are now being taken for the annual outing on Tuesday 5th Dec. See Alf Sutcliffe for further details.

CHRISTMAS LUNCH AT ST LUKE’S~ A local Care firm- Abbeyfield- are holding a lunch here on Thursday 14th Dec. It is ‘free’ for the local community but 10 tickets are reserved for church members. If you wish to attend please see Fr Paul, this is on a first come first served basis.

For your prayers~ The Sick: Joan Bentley, Terry Houlihan, Rachel Rimmer, Sharan Phillips, Marjorie Longbottom, Betty Halsall, Gill Baldwin, Angela Minshull, Josie Greenwood, Baby Michael & Baby Thomas, Kath Burtenshaw, Michael Newall, Richard Parker, Fr Ray Bridson, Alison Flint.

The Departed: Recently: Jean Jackson, Michael McLean pt,
Years Mind, Annie Murray, Lilian Scholes, William Watterson pt, Doris Bluck, David Matthews.